Santa Barbara Housecalls

Serving the Cities of Santa Barbara and Montecito

Erik Wilk, MD

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality personalized medical care on site directly between Physician and Patient, putting back the ‘CARE’ in Healthcare. 

Innovative Multidisciplinary Approach

With degrees from Cornell University and Stanford University, Doctor Wilk’s Santa Barbara Housecalls is an innovative multidisciplinary approach to a healthy mind and body.  Most of us seek advice when we feel we are not doing well and have exhausted all of our resources.  We usually seek the advice of a specialist if at all possible, and even multiple specialists.  

The problem is that most of the time there is no one that sees the entirety of us.  Each specialist advocates his or her own field of expertise.  This approach rarely is effective in the long term, and also often doesn’t address the specific circumstances and thus specific needs of an individual. 

Doctor Wilk’s Santa Barbara Housecalls is a completely different approach that reaches the core of our being of mind, body, and spirit, to help one gain insight into our present state--what has driven us in the past and present, and how to regain control of our journey through life so that it may be as rich and rewarding as it was intended. 

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The past is just that, the future always yet to be realized.  All we have is the present, now. If you want something in life, the time is now. Doctor Wilk’s Santa Barbara Housecalls will make this not only possible, but an actuality. Doctor Wilk is currently the House Doctor for the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara.  Call (805) 617-4518 for an appointment.